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Peninsula Tours, which takes its name from the word Peninsula, which means peninsula in English, was established in Kusadasi in 1988. Since its establishment, it has achieved many successes for 30 years with the perfect service it has given to tourists coming from abroad to visit our country.

Peninsula Tours, which wants to provide the best service to its ever-increasing foreign customers, continues its activities in 8 different offices with its modern organizational structure and team spirit.

Peninsula Tours, which has determined its primary goal as raising the standards of the service it offers, started to serve in domestic tourism in 2000.

It has always adhered to the principle of social responsibility throughout its commercial life, and has been awarded many times for providing high amounts of foreign currency inflows to our country. It has taken its place among the respected and reliable companies of the sector with its contribution to education, sponsorships in various sports branches and projects aimed at protecting nature.

Peninsula Tours is happy to serve you, our valued customers, without compromising on the experience stemming from its reliable past, the corporate principles it has adopted and its perfect service understanding.

As Peninsula Tours, we aim to fulfill all your holiday dreams of our valued guests with our hotels.

In our hotels located in the most beautiful places of the beautiful coastline where the green and the sea of ​​the Aegean meet; Reflecting our commitment to quality, entertainment and customer satisfaction, we offer a different, high quality and unique holiday experience to our valued guests with the Peninsula Group Hotels PALMWINGS and VENOSA brands.

In our Peninsula Hotel group, every guest leaves with a beautiful and unforgettable holiday experience.

Each of our hotels belonging to the Peninsula Group, located in the sparkling warm sea and the corners of paradise of the Aegean, has been designed and put into service for you with differences that reflect the real Aegean culture and style.

Each of our hotels reflects the Aegean lifestyle and culture with a friendly atmosphere that bears the traces of the region in which it is located.

As Peninsula Group Hotels, our most important priority for our guests is continuity, service, quality and consistency. Therefore, all of our guests leave the Peninsula Group hotels where they stay as guests as a member of the Peninsula Group Hotels family, where they will continue for years.

Immerse yourself in the holiday you have always dreamed of living with the refreshing waters of the Aegean coast, its lush nature, wonderful Turkish cuisine and activities.

Peninsula Group Hotels await you, our esteemed guests, for a holiday that will always be remembered by you with a wealth of romance, joy, excitement and beauty.

If you have not experienced the Peninsula Group Hotels privilege until now, let us make you our guest. Become a part of the Peninsula Group Hotels family and experience this amazing experience.

Isn't it time to discover quality?